Simon Hager, Sectra

From the first moment I started to work together with Chelsea I was amazed by her outstanding ability to get things done and way of structuring her work to never forget any task. Chelsea is an excellent networker, probably the best I have met, and she has a personality full of energy that is appreciated both among customers, partners and colleagues. Chelsea is always there to help out, and she walks that extra mile that makes the difference in the end.

Dimitar Tonev, IQVIA

I was privileged to work with Chelsea as a Regional Medical Director for Intercept, as well as Global Medical Lead for Iqvia. On both occasions, her professional attitude and strategic ability to see the world from her clients' eyes made these interactions fruitful and mutually beneficial. After so many years of collaborations in medical imaging and liver diseases, she will continue being my ally and a very trusted adviser in the never ending battle for better diagnostic solutions related to evolving public health disasters.

Vittorio Sportelli, Elsevier

Chelsea is an incredibly talented professional and a great human being. I have always been impressed by her strong motivation and dedication to her work and priorities, as well as colleagues and customers. If you looking for a great professional to take on-board, you won’t find anyone else like her. She is visionary and forward-thinking, reliable, consistent, and effective. I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside her and hope one day to have the chance to work with her again.

Andrea Robina, AMRA Medical

Chelsea is a dedicated professional with a broad and interesting background across clinical, scientific and business worlds. As a mentor, she helped me to develop leadership skills and how to have a sharp attention to detail. Her management skills paved the road for us to grow from a start-up into a renowned, global company. She also drove us to explore and succeed within new therapeutic areas. I am certain that her experience and drive will continue to lead her to make well-thought decisions, while always encouraging input from her team.

Hedvig Andersén, Torsen Konsult

It’s rare that you come across such a dedicated person like Chelsea. When I was on the board of directors at AMRA I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea for several years and I was always in awe of her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas. I was particularly impressed by Chelsea’s ability to network and her high quality of customer service strengthened by her medical knowledge. Chelsea gives a lot of energy to her colleagues and she would be a great asset to any team.

Nadine Reijnders, Philips

Working with Chelsea has always been a great pleasure. She just knows what's needed to set-up collaborations and how to make them successful. Always has a good vision on how to further develop the business and knows what is needed to make this vision reality. She has a perfect eye for customer relations, is passionate about her work and always dedicated!

Robert Gannon, Klaveness Digital

I can highly recommend her both in a group environment or self motivated / individual environment. Chelsea's knowledge of the life sciences and ability to manage any project she is given has made her a huge asset to our team. I feel Chelsea would excel in any project given to her and has the ability to lead others very successfully.

Jeremy Edwards, Xperiome

I had the privilege of working with Chelsea as a member of the executive team at AMRA Medical. Chelsea brings a unique blend of science and business acumen that was instrumental in developing many of the key strategic relationships that proposed AMRA's early growth. She would be a welcome addition to any organization.

Sarah Lawton, Lab News

Chelsea was both project manager and editor, and she and I worked on the project closely. Chelsea was a pleasure to work with. She had great passion for this work and a keen eye for detail. She was willing to put in the extra effort required to take this project above and beyond simple need-to-haves, to build long-term industry relationships and deliver the best possible. I truly enjoyed working with her and hope to work with her again in future. Chelsea is an extremely good editor. 

Anne Taylor, Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

Roy Speed, Salient Inc.

At our company, she quickly acquired a lot of knowledge about our industry (corporate training), our specific niche (business writing), and our proprietary programs and products. She was keen to learn about our clients' needs, and around the office, she pitched in on whatever was needed that day — and brought order to everything she tackled. 

Marie Börjesson, AMRA Medical

I have had the pleasure of working with Chelsea for almost 4 years and, in that time, I have come to know her as one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Chelsea can tackle any task with a quick solution and the speed of two people. Seeing her in action when building new relationships with potential customers or partners is a joy, because you see the genuine interest she has. She also has a very creative mind with a gift of being able to see small details while always paying attention to the business strategy.

Tommy Johansson, TopSolutions

During my time as CEO of AMRA Medical, I had the privilege of being Chelsea’s manager for almost five years. Although she was based in Oslo and AMRA in Sweden, the distance was no problem, since Chelsea is an excellent communicator, is independent, passionate, and hard-working. She is a quick learner in all areas and extraordinary when establishing business relations, independent of the person's role, title, or level in the company. She has a unique personality that is much appreciated by everyone and, therefore, holds an impressive network across many countries and industries. Chelsea is a do-er. She makes things happen and I can warmly recommend her to anyone.

Nard Schreurs, EHiN / IKT Norge

Chelsea has been a dedicated resource in the making of EHiN 2019, as well on stage in the strategic planning over time. She has a flexible mind, but is decisive and competent in her choices. She is a visionary, as well as a practical producer of events and ideas in the field of future healthcare. Professional, experienced, goal-oriented and, not in the least, funny. Very pleasant working with Chelsea.

Bobbie Ray-Sannerud, DNV GL

Chelsea supported the writing of the healthcare impact chapter of a major and important publication at DNV GL, the Technology Outlook 2030. The work required consolidation of broad scientific and technological concepts and predictions. Her work was not only of high quality, but was conveyed in a way to reach multiple audiences. The combination of her strong competency in healthcare innovation and technology, superb networking, and overall positive attitude makes her a great pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Chelsea to those who are looking to build and develop strategic insights in their health technology innovation projects.

Miljen Martic, Novartis

Chelsea’s proactive, solution-oriented mindset was key to building a strong foundation for different collaboration models. She has excellent understanding of both start-up needs and customer needs. Chelsea brings together a unique blend of entrepreneurship skills, building partnerships and relationship management, with a human touch. Always passionate and dedicated - it is a pleasure to work with Chelsea.

Rieke Arndt, Siemens Healthineers

To work with Chelsea was a great experience. It was incredible how fast the partnership has grown and how efficient we worked together. She is a very structured person with a good feeling of what needs prioritization. But what I appreciated the most was that we always worked on eye level and had a good personal relationship. She has the passion, the dedication and a great network!

Chelsea is personable, knowledgeable and efficient. She has very strong patient care skills, and is able to quickly establish a rapport with patients and colleagues, leading to trustful relationships. She is engaging, smart, a very effective communicator, and a pleasure to work with. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with her again.