DNVGL, Technology Outlook, Healthcare, 2030

TECHNOLOGY OUTLOOK 2030: Impact on healthcare

Contributing Writer

"Nothing less than a digital health revolution is at hand, the effects of which will be very apparent by 2030. We focus here on the nexus between digitalization and healthcare challenges, including the personalization of healthcare to individuals’ needs, the centrality of data, and the role of the social contract within healthcare."

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COLUMN: The Trick is Staying Inspired


"I believe my story highlights broader themes applicable to us all. Our industry, as much as any other, succeeds by stepping outside the known and choosing the unusual. More partnerships, models, and tools are available to us now than ever before, but the cross-industry playground that now exists requires us to be agile and unafraid."

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Nordic Life Science Days 

Annual Conference

Program Director

NLSDays is the largest Nordic meeting for life science companies to initiate partnerships and grow their business. And we are continuing to evolve. We have listened carefully to your feedback and requests, and we have made some exciting changes for this year’s edition!

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EHiN (eHealth in Norway)

Annual Conference

Opening Speaker, Moderator​ 2019
Strategy Development 

EHiN is Norway's largest conference on digitalization of the health sector. It began with the Ministry of Health and Care Services and ICT-Norway, who shared a common goal of bridging the technology & health sectors. The introduction of new technology is central to all strategies for future health processes.

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NLS Investment Day

Program Committee Chair

"...one thing has been consistently clear: investors want to meet start-ups at earlier stages, while these companies often struggle to afford large meetings. NLSInvest was created to bridge a gap: to give investors and start-ups an intimate and actionable pre-event, while offering start-ups the opportunity to stay for NLSDays2020 at no cost."

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For Innovation & Growth

External Consultant - Business Development & Investors​

The Life Science Cluster is a network for all companies and organizations for which the life sciences are key, including health and medicine where Norway’s advanced healthcare system forms a unique basis for the development of new technology. 

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Mixed Reality Innovation

Partner Manager

Through our vision, "Better health for all", HoloCare creates solutions and builds knowledge at the intersection between medicine and holographic computing. We provide clinicians with tools that support better planning for operations and treating patients remotely.

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