“We are here to put a ding in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?”

Steve Jobs made this statement during a 1980s interview about the commercial filming of a 1984 Macintosh. Today, this quote is recognized as a symbol of technological and societal development, a reshaping of the future as we know it. It is also the vision that strikes to the core of what I stand for and aim to achieve.

Chelsea Ranger

I was raised in Southern Alabama by a family that had lived around the world. Thus I am rooted in stability and tradition, whilst holding a curiosity about the world, a broad understanding of people and cultures, and a sensitivity towards that which makes us all both similar and individual. 


My formal education began in International Business, Business Communication, Global Entrepreneurship, and languages (German, Spanish, Italian). At the same time, my volunteer work shaped my understanding of service and humanity: teaching English to underprivileged children, immigrants, and refugees, and providing meals for homeless families and homebound elderly. Ultimately, I was drawn to pursue medicine and earned a Bachelor of Science, Pre-Health Biology at Spring Hill College, as well as a Master of Health Science in Physician Assistant* (PA) Studies from the University of South Alabama.

My Experience

I began my career in a private practice focused on the treatment of digestive and liver disease, where I specialized in hepatology (liver). As a PA, I worked cross-functionally with multiple teams of clinicians, supported ongoing clinical trials, assisted in severe weight loss patient programs, trained student PAs in clinical care, and instructed on hepatobiliary topics to didactic PA students. I also forged long-lasting patient relationships, each built upon trust, communication, and commitment, and many of which I uphold today.


In 2009, I moved to Norway and understood that I would need to make a career change. When I face difficulties, I fall back onto my "4 Rs": Resolve, Roadblock, Resilience, Reflection. These remind me how to turn challenges into new opportunities.

  • Resolve – Maintain stability during highs and lows

  • Roadblock – Roadblocks are opportunities for creativity

  • Resilience – Commit to your goals, trusting both the process and the progress

  • Reflection – Allow time to breathe and review what has been done

My "4 Rs" brought luck and, in 2013, I met the CEO of AMRA, a digital health / medical imaging SaaS start-up in Linköping, Sweden. His was a small, inspired team: novel ideas, great skills, even greater ambitions. I was asked to join as Chief Business Development Officer and later became SVP of Commercial & Market Strategy. Over my 4+ years, each of us worked relentlessly, leading to a rapid expansion in investments, the organization, and our recognition. Today, AMRA is an international company with global customers and offices, and is recognized as an industry leader in its field.

As is typical in all start-up roles, I wore many hats:

  • Partnership Lead, responsible for developing and maintaining global stakeholder relationships from government to organizational, industry-specific, key opinion leader, and including our Scientific Advisory Board

  • Commercial Lead, responsible for developing our communications strategy, message positioning, content creation, website, press releases, social media, and planning all aspects related to events (50+ globally)

  • Business Area Lead, responsible for driving and expanding two therapeutic divisions, including support of the pilot programs, big data projects, and key opinion leader relationships therein

  • Business Coaching, both internally and independently, on female leadership and management, as well as knowledge translation of science to sales

*For those who are unfamiliar with the term Physician Assistant, for English speaking countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, a PA is a nationally certified / state licensed clinical practitioner who evaluates and treats patients on the medical model of a physician. Read more here.

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What I Do

In my personal time, I am often writing. I am one of the co-founders and members of the Oslo Writers League and, outside of the group, am working on my first novel. I am also a member of Women in Global Health and Oda Nettverk. You can often find me training in the gym, on a run, or leading a kids' football club. In summer months, I am by the sea or hiking mountains, although I am rarely alone; my Norway-family is a large and beautiful one.


At C. Ranger Consulting, I work with a variety of organizations, large to small, on a broad range of business and event needs. Whether you need support in developing your strategy & business, in

engaging the right stakeholders, communicating strong messages, or managing projects, I can assist. With each client, I offer strict confidentiality, as well as a flexible and dependable program. Each project is thoughtfully and independently evaluated.


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